Welcome to Ensysce

Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. is focused on the use of fullerene carbon nanotubes as delivery agents for cancer therapeutics.

Carbon nanotubes' unique chemical structure allows them to form stable complexes with cancer-cell targeted agents ranging from small interfering RNA (siRNA) to currently existing cancer drugs such as taxol and doxorubicin. Carbon nanotube complexes can carry these active agents into cancer cells as payloads, protecting them during transport, and, importantly, releasing the payload once inside the cancer cells. All of these features make carbon nanotubes ideal for use with many active macromolecules.

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What are Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes?

How are they being applied to Drug Delivery? 

What are the Benefits?

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Latest Developments 

Ensysce has been profiled in Start Up: Emerging Medical Ventures publication. 

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Our Research

Ensysce Biosciences is accelerating the use of fullerene carbon nanotubes in therapeutics by funding fundamental discovery research programs at medical centers and universities. Scientists with extensive experience in cancer therapeutics and ...

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