Corporate Overview

Ensysce Biosciences is an integrated drug delivery company with two proprietary, novel platforms for the pain and cancer markets.  Our near term clinical program will initiate in early 2016 for PF614. PF614 with BIO-MD™ technology was developed to prevent abuse of oxycodone, a pain medicine with $2.8 billion in annual sales,. Ensysce’s SWCNT technology is poised to transform delivery of large biomolecules.


Our BIO-MD™  platform is a proprietary abuse-resistant opioid prodrug technlogy that has broad potential to address the concurrent challenges of treating patients with chronic pain while reducing prescription opioid abuse. The BIO-MD™ platform eliminates a patients’ ability to abuse prescription medicines by the non-oral route. The company’s extensive portfolio of BIO-MD™ products provides the company with numerous partnership and co-development opportunities.  Read More

Our single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) for delivery of large biomolecules. Based on the pioneering work of the late Nobel Prize winner Dr. Richard Smalley, SWCNT have the potential to provide intravenously delivered immune and gene therapies.  Read More