Ensysce Biosciences

MPAR Overdose Resistant Technology

MPAR™: Multi-Pill Abuse Resistant


MPAR™ Overdose Protection: 

The Ensysce Multi-Pill Abuse Resistant (MPAR™) technology is unique to the industry and is designed not only to overcome abuse but to save lives.   

Our MPAR™ combination product is designed to provide another layer of protection to our TAAP products.   

  • A small amount of activation inhibitor added to each TAAP product  does not affect the opioid release if taken as prescribed.   

  • MPAR™ protection overcomes the activation of each product if a prescription is not taken according to directions, or by accidental overdose.

In case of an overdose, the trypsin inhibitor blocks the activation and release of the opioid allowing the pills to pass through the body inactivated.