Ensysce Biosciences




Ensysce has proprietary technologies and development programs that have broad clinical and commercial potential. Through a combination of licensing (to include royalties, where applicable) and strategic sales to pharmaceutical organizations with established footprints in pain relief , cancer and other critical markets, Ensysce will commercialize its patented technologies. Additional information on potential partnering, product and technology licensing, collaborative development, and joint venture opportunities is available by contacting Ensysce Biosciences.

The following categories are actively seeking categories:

Bio-MD Platform

  • Pain/Bio-MD Abuse Resistant Opioid Drugs - with lead candidate PF-614 prodrug of Oxycodone
  • Behavioral Health/Bio-MD ADHD Prodrugs

SWCNT Platform

  • Cancer/SWCNT Immunotherapy - CAR-T
  • Cancer/SWCNT Gene Editing - CRISPR 
  • Cancer/SWCNT Gene Inhibition - RNAi

Business Development: bd@ensysce.com