Ensysce Biosciences


TAAP: Trypsin-Activated Abuse Protection


TAAP Prodrugs: 

Ensysce Biosciences' proprietary abuse-resistant  prodrug technology – the TAAP platform - is designed to improve the care of patients while reducing the human and economic costs associated with prescription drug abuse. The TAAP technology has been applied to a family of opioid and attention deficit disorder products.

  • Our prodrugs are chemically stable molecules that are activated only when administered orally

  • Since the activating enzymes are not present in the blood or saliva, there is no opportunity for activation if it is injected, chewed or snorted. 

Consequently, our prodrugs offer the benefits of effective therapy and pain relief with a substantially reduced potential for abuse. 



 Opioid medications are still essential for improving the lives of the 100 million U.S. adults living with chronic pain. 

  • To address the epidemic that has stemmed from opioid abuse, the U.S. FDA has committed itself to pushing the U.S. market for opioid drugs in the direction of ever-increasing barriers to abuse and misuse of the prescription drugs.  

  • Several abuse-deterrent opioid products are currently marketed or in late-stage clinical development, but they fall short of being fully resistant to abuse.

Ensysce’s TAAP prodrug technology is a game changer in the abuse deterrent field.