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Rice Alliance Digest Newsletter

8th Annual Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum – Presenting Companies Announced
Nano breakthroughs in Energy, Medicine, and Advanced Materials
Pre-registration ends Monday, Feb. 9, at 5 pm CST
Event Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009
Location: Rice University, McNair Hall, Jones Graduate School of Management

8th Annual Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum
Nano Breakthroughs in energy, medicine and advanced materials
Event Date:
Thursday, February 12, 2009,  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Rice University, McNair Hall, Jones Graduate School of Management

Click Here to RegisterPre-registration ends Monday, Feb. 9 at 5 pm CST

Register now to attend one of the largest Nanotechnology Venture Forums in the US! 

  -  Hear about the latest trends and advances in Nano energy, medical and advanced materials
  -  Learn about today's real applications of nanotechnology
  -  Better understand investment opportunities in nanotechnology
  -  Learn how nanotechnology will change our lives and shape the future of business
  -  Hear of nanotechnology commercial applications from numerous companies 

The most promising early-stage Nanotechnology companies have been hand-picked to present and showcase their new venture to an audience of more than 400 venture capitalists, early-stage investors, successful entrepreneurs, academic and business leaders. Attendees will benefit from networking and learning opportunities.

Presenting Companies:

1.       Agonn Systems Corporation www.arrowres.com
Agonn Systems Corporation focused on developing and commercializing nanotechnology-based energy storage devices for electric vehicles and other large format applications. 

2.     Azaya Therapeutics www.azayatherapeutics.com
Azaya Therapeutics has a novel, patented nanotechnology drug delivery system that it is utilizing to develop safer and more effective cancer treatments. 

3.     Ensysce Biosciences www.ensysce.com
Ensysce Biosciences is focused on the use of fullerene carbon nanotubes for novel therapeutic applications specifically in the area of cancer treatment

4.     eXceed Filters www.eSpintechnologies.com
eXceed Filters established as a division of eSpin Technologies Inc. (a high tech nanotechnology based manufacturing company founded in 1999), manufactures and distributes HVAC air filters for commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

5.     3N www.3n-tech.com
3N possesses vertically integrated capabilities from III-nitride wafer growth to device processing and has developed extensive photonic device technologies based on III-nitrides targeting at lighting, display and sensor applications.

6.     LivinGreen Solar livingreenventures.com
LivinGreen Solar has developed a nanotechnology to significantly enhance the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), often referred to as the third generation solar technology. This technology will dramatically improve the performance/cost of solar cells, to surpass grid parity.

7.     Magnano Technologies www.magnanotechnologies.com
Magnano Technologies is an emerging nanotechnology company specializing in the development of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for life sciences.

8.     MetOx www.metox.biz
MetOx is commercializing second generation high temperature superconducting (HTS) wire which transmits electricity without electrical loss or heat.

9.     Nanotech Innovations www.nanotech-innovations.com
Nanotech Innovations is a limited liability company formed to develop and commercialize proprietary breakthrough technology for the growth of single wall and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT, MWNT, CNTs).  The technology enables the production of high purity, low defect density CNTs using a specific organometallic catalyst in a specially designed cvd system. 

10.  nRadiance www.nanoholdings.com
nRadiance develops and manufactures revolutionary technologies to improve the quality and lower the cost of flat panel displays used for TVs, computers, and cell phones. 

11.  Phage Biocontrol,LLC www.phagebiocontrol.com
Phage Biocontrol proposes to harness bacteriophage, or "phage," the natural viral predators of bacteria. Commercialization of phage for initial use in systems of the petroleum industry (e.g. hydrofracture ponds, pipelines, water flooding, soured reservoirs etc.), will serve as a model for commercial phage application in other industrial sectors.

12.  Solterra Renewable Technologies www.SolterraSolarCells.com
Solterra Renewable Technologies will be producing and distributing a Thin Film Quantum Dot Solar Cell, differentiated from traditional PV cells by a unique technology that can result in lower cost, higher efficiency, and broader spectral performance.

13.  TransAtlantic Science www.TransAtlanticScience.com
TransAtlantic Science is nurturing a unique method for diabetics to manage their disease.  Current strategies for diabetes management entail an active feedback loop comprised of measuring glucose levels followed by a corrective action. 

14.  TXL Group www.txlgroup.com
TXL Group has developed a high efficiency thermoelectric generation (electricity from heat) technology that allows practical energy capture from heat sources as diverse as industrial discharge and roadway heat. 

Keynote Speakers:
Jurron Bradley, Ph.D.
Nanomaterials Practice Leader, Lux Research

Jurron Bradley is Practice Leader at Lux Research, one of the leading nanotechnology research and advisory firms in the world. Lux Research is an expert in the analysis of the commercialization of nanotechnology and clean technology worldwide. Jurron led the development of two recent major studies of the impact and investment opportunities in nanotechnology: "Nanomaterials State of the Market Q3 2008: Stealth Success, Broad Impact" and just released: "Nanomaterials State of the Market Q1 2009:  Cleantech's Dollar Investments, Penny Returns".

                                                                                                                                                              &n bsp;                                     

Scott Livingston
Managing Director, Axiom Capital Management, Inc., and Founder, The Livingston Group

Scott is a Managing Director of Axiom Capital Management Inc. (Axiom) and head of the Livingston Group, an investment and corporate advisory group within Axiom focused on nanotechnology.   


Scott Livingston has been called "sharp and highly connected" by the Forbes Wolfe Nanotechnology Report.  He has been an invited speaker on nanotechnology investment trends at dozens of venues including the Harvard Club, the Nanobusiness Alliance, the Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Nanotechnology.com, the International Business Forum, the Delaware Technology Park, the Business Executives for National Security, and Hilary Clinton's Jobs for New York.


E. Clayton Teague, Ph.D.
Director, National Nanotech Initiative
Clayton is Director of the Federal National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO), being appointed in April 2003.  He also is serving as Chair of the American National Standards Institute Technical Advisory Group to the ISO Technical Committee on Nanotechnologies (ISO TC 229).  He holds a BS and MS in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a PhD in physics from the University of North Texas.


Beginning with his quantum mechanical tunneling work, he has been working in the some of the fields now known as nanotechnology since 1968.  He has authored or coauthored over 70 papers and managed a number of large projects in these fields. 


Daniel Wolfe, Ph.D.
President and Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, Harris & Harris Group
Harris & Harris is one of the most active and oldest nanotechnology investors in the world, with over 25 nanotech portfolio companies.   Harris & Harris has been investing in nanotechnology companies since 1994.

Daniel Wolfe graduated from Harvard University with a Ph.D. and A.M. in Chemistry.  He was a NSF Predoctoral Fellow at Harvard, and his thesis advisor was Professor George Whitesides.  He also graduated from Rice University with a B.A. in Chemistry, where he worked with Professor Naomi Halas, and his honors included the Zevi and Bertha Salsburg Memorial Award in Chemistry and the Presidential Honor Role.  He has published over 15 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals.   

Other Speakers:
Wade Adams, Ph.D. 
Director, Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Rice University

P.M. Ajayan, Ph.D. 
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Rice University

Andrew Barron, Ph.D. 
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. Welch Chair of Chemistry and Professor of Materials Science and Associate Dean for Industry Interactions and Technology Transfer
Rice University

Vicky Colvin, Ph.D. 
Kenneth S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Rice University

David Hobson, Ph.D. 
Chief Scientific Officer
nanoTox, Inc.

John Miller
Vice President for Business Development
Arrowhead Research Corp.

Jennifer West, Ph.D.
Cameron Professor and Department Chair, Bioengineering
Rice University


Registration Fees:  
       $75: non-members and members of the general public (early registration by February 9th)
       No charge: 2008-2009 Rice Alliance Members and full-time Rice faculty/staff/students
       $85: Walk-up Registration
Click Here to Register and More Information
Membership:  Current members of the Rice Alliance can attend this Forum and other events throughout the year at no cost.  Half-price memberships now available with corporate membership starting at $250 and individual membership for $85.  To sign up for membership, email, call, or click here. Membership runs through June 30, 2009.

Event Underwriter:  Winstead P.C.

Co-hosted by: Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at Rice University

Funding Provided by: Rice Center for Biological & Environmental Nanotechnology (CBEN)
                                   National Science Foundation (NSF) 
Lunch and Company Showcase/Reception Sponsor: Fish & Richardson


Media Sponsors: BusinessMakers Radio Show

                                   Houston Business Journal


Supporting Organization: Greater Houston Partnership

                                                    Houston Technology Center

More Info: 
alliance@rice.edu or 713.348.3443 or www.alliance.rice.edu


The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship (Rice Alliance) is Rice University's flagship initiative devoted to the support of technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and the launch of technology companies.
Since inception, the Rice Alliance has assisted in the launch of more than 230 start-ups which have raised more than $500 million in early-stage capital. More than 600 companies have presented at the 100 plus events hosted by the Rice Alliance.


In 2009, the Rice Alliance was recognized by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship as having the most Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program. The same year, Rice Alliance was awarded  the Houston's Greatest Economic Development Ally award by the Greater Houston Partnership. In 2007, the Rice Alliance was recognized as the leading university entrepreneurship center in the United Stated for the creation of successful new enterprises by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.

Rice University was selected as one of the top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. in 2007 and 2008 by the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine.

To stop receiving the Rice Alliance Digest newsletter, please send an email to alliance@rice.edu
Contact us at alliance@rice.edu or 713.348.3443.
More information:  http://www.alliance.rice.edu

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